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Old 03-22-2015, 03:38 PM
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Default 12.99 ET for $1,299 Challenge

Calling all Cars Illustrated fans!

We are laying down the challenge, and we want to know if you've got what it takes to run 12.99s (or better) for no more than $1,299 in total project budget - including car and all parts.

First appearing in 1987's Vol 5 No 4 issue, the Cars Illustrated staff took a well-worn 1970 Roadrunner from beater to (almost) 12-second hero with a total cash outlay of only $1,299.

The combination that they used was a classic muscle car with a big block V8 (383 in this case) and a manual transmission (4-speed). Combining hard work, hot rodder know-how, and a little bit of luck, they were able to stay within this super tight budget for the car and all parts, and still run under a 13.13 ET in the quarter mile.

What could you build today for $1,299 with a cheap (or used) nitrous kit and a good solid car? Or, what about a home-built turbocharger kit? Will a car hold up to these power adders? Or, could you get a '70s muscle car to run even faster than the original Cars Illustrated project Roadrunner?

Rules: Remember this is for fun, so we'll all learn from your attempt at this brutal challenge. Here are a few things you should do to make this "official":
  1. Start your own thread in this forum
  2. You have to share your project from start to finish
  3. Include all of your strategy
  4. You must list what starting car you chose (or will choose)
  5. Tell us what kind of a deal you found on parts (include pictures of the receipts if you actually buy something from a store)
  6. Include a final picture of your project car
  7. Must have a validated time slip on your 12.99 or better pass
  8. Extra credit if you include a video of the 12.99 run
  9. And, most importantly, if you fail at any attempt at this challenge, please share that experience so the next guy/gal can learn from you.
  10. We are working on a trophy or some sort of an award for any of you that succeed at this challenge.

Many have tried, only one has (almost) succeeded.

The 12.99 Challenge by Cars Illustrated.

Will you be the next to do the impossible ...?

Good luck and be safe.
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Old 12-10-2015, 03:09 AM
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What kind of shit is this?

I posted a link of Tony's part 9 to my FB page and it has Dennis Camaro as the picture,not cool.
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Old 12-16-2015, 05:37 PM
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Default Its a conspiracy..., it's just the way the interface between the site and social networks grab/share photos. It's my photo and I think it's weird. When I spread posts from the site to FB I often grab the photo I want to be tagged and then just post the photo and copy and paste the link.
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